PT. KURNIA BARU SEJAHTERA  is Indonesian PVC pipe and fittings manufacturer.

We have strong commitment in producing high quality products and high standard service to ensure customer satisfaction. Working along together with reputable suppliers, ensure our products availability in the market and sustainable business growth for our clients. Backed by our Research and Development team to continuously improve production efficiency but keeping the standard of the product high


VISION: Leading in product innovation, and sustainable growth through efficiency and people development

MISSION: Producing high quality product and ensure customer satisfaction

Our “K” – Conduit PVC pipe used as a cable installation protection for buildings, home, industries etc. Using high quality ingredients and special formulation, makes “K” – Conduit PVC pipe have advantages in product and application


“K” – Conduit PVC pipe has comply and tested according to British Standard Institution BS EN 61386-21 : 2004 Conduit System for Cable Management – Rigid Conduit


We have registered our brand name to ensure our position in the industry


Using PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) as main material makes “K” – Conduit PVC pipe strong and durable. With special formulation, our pipes are bendable using bending spring following the installation location compare to other PVC pipes. Adapting European technology for the production line and operated by skilled operator, keeps the quality and consistency of our “K” – Conduit PVC Pipe

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